Amazing Photo Manipulations by Jeannette Woitzik

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Jeannette Woitzik

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Jeannette Woitzik is a German artist based in Berlin. Dreamy, romantic, kind, magical … these are few of the words that can describe her art .Each of her work gives a good mood and force you to believe in magic. We hope that this collection will make your day bright and fairytale!

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Jeannette_Woitzik_1 Jeannette_Woitzik_2 Jeannette_Woitzik_3 Jeannette_Woitzik_4 Jeannette_Woitzik_5 Jeannette_Woitzik_6 Jeannette_Woitzik_7 Jeannette_Woitzik_8 Jeannette_Woitzik_9 Jeannette_Woitzik_10 Jeannette_Woitzik_11 Jeannette_Woitzik_12



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