Awesome 3D Paintings by Shaka

Awesome 3D Paintings by Shaka

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Marchal Mithouard is a French artists who goes by Shaka. Shaka is known for his amazing three-dimensional, street art inspired, paintings. For using such intricate shapes and bright colors i find it interesting how realistic his work comes out.. blue, pink, green, and yellow are not typical colors used to create a realistic face, but Shaka knows how to do it, and kill it. I really love his work, I think it has potential to open the eyes of people who are not necessarily into street art, and make them appreciate a different style of art.

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Shaka_1 Shaka_2 Shaka_3 Shaka_4 Shaka_5 Shaka_6 Shaka_7 Shaka_8 Shaka_9 Shaka_10 Shaka_11 Shaka_12 Shaka_13 Shaka_14

S. Pines

Wow. This is really fresh work!


really…gr8 work!!
do u exhibit your works abroad….lyk dubai??

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