Brilliant Works by Pavel Guzenko

Brilliant Works by Pavel Guzenko

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Guzenko Pavel Petrovich was born in 1977. Now lives in Kiev. He studied at art school Korosten, then graduated the Republican Art High School. About five years worked as a designer, and from 2006 till now paints oil paintings.

The works of Pavel are very colorful, peculiar, they do not convey the precise shape and color. He holds a master of abstract transfering and color saturation, thereby creating a visual impression, and his vision of painting as a whole.

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Pavel_Guzenko_1 Pavel_Guzenko_2 Pavel_Guzenko_3 Pavel_Guzenko_4 Pavel_Guzenko_5 Pavel_Guzenko_6 Pavel_Guzenko_7 Pavel_Guzenko_8 Pavel_Guzenko_9 Pavel_Guzenko_10 Pavel_Guzenko_11 Pavel_Guzenko_12 Pavel_Guzenko_13 Pavel_Guzenko_14 Pavel_Guzenko_15 Pavel_Guzenko_16 Pavel_Guzenko_17

christy jarvis

I absolutely love your art work!! I love stuff with eyes and probably because mine are so unique and different as everyone tells me. I am curious if you can contact and I might see more and price list or something??

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