Kal Gajoum – Painter

Kal Gajoum – Painter

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Kal was born in Tripoli 1968. His interest in art was sparked at a very early age. In fact, he was only ten years old when he entered his first art competition. Later on he was introduced to oil painting and palette knife techniques by friend of the family who were artist in attendance at the Leonardo D’Vinci school of art in Rome.

He held his first exhibition in 1983 in Tripoli.

He moved to Paris to learn watercolour techniques and the Parisian style of painting from a private artist. Then returned to Tripoli in 1992 to give an exhibition.

In Malta he spent his time as a professional artist where he spent seven years working for the Royal Fine Art Gallery and also during this time continuing his pursuit of artistic knowledge. He traveled to Tunisia during this time to give exhibitions.

In 2000 Kal found himself in Britain where he ran the Center Of Britain Art Gallery. He started a permanent exhibition in the City Of Carlisle where he steadily developed his palette knife techniques and put together a set of four limited edition watercolour prints of the city. Which he sold with the proceeds going to a local charity.

2003 Kal immigrated to Canada where he now resides in British Columbia and Quebec. He now concentrates on cityscapes and still life’s using his palette knife techniques in oil on canvas – kalgajoum.com

In art works of Kal Gajoum you can feel warmth and energy, which is often overlooked by contemporary artists. His paintings are both modern and traditional, powerful and delicate, complex and simple. Kal Gajoum is a real colorist whose works fill the room with light. And, it’s probably not just because the artist is well mastered the technique of painting. He really loves his job – and each work radiates this love. And vivid scenes of street life filled with red umbrellas have become a hallmark of the artist. – beautifullife.info

Check him at www.kalgajoum.com

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Captivated me. His sense of flux.


I like it very much.Thank you Mr.Kajoul.


un enorme artista

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