Kekai Kotaki – Illustrator

Kekai Kotaki – Illustrator

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Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kekai has always had a passion for art. Finding the sunshine and beautiful scenery distracting, he moved to dreary Seattle in 2000 to attend art school. After graduating, he proceeded to attempt a career at doing art. This meant getting a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise, as a lowly texture artist. Through hard work and more than a little luck he was able to become a concept artist. Kekai can still be found in Seattle at ArenaNet. He is working hard as Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2 and on a burgeoning illustration career.

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Hi im a 27yr old individual that has a passion for video games and art my art level is not where it should be at. I want to learn to get better and make decent artwork, do u think its too late for me too study to be a concept artist 2d artist character designer etc. ?

Thanks for your time hope to here from u soon

Draw As A Maniac

Bertram. You are never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick, to start from scratch once again. Draw as much as you can, stay positive and we can asure You, soon You will be at the art level you want !



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