Michal Dziekan – Illustrator

Michal Dziekan – Illustrator

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Illustrator and character designer Michal Dziekan was born and raised in small town in south-western Poland. He moved to city Wroclaw where he attended Architecture on University of Technology. After three years he left school and moved to Warsaw to work in post production studio Platige Image as a concept artist and matte painter. He stayed in Platige Image from 2007 to 2011, where working on animated commercials and films he got opportunity to gain experience in such fields as vfx compositing, motion graphics animation, animation direction and directing. During that time he was developing as an illustrator and character designer. At the beginning of 2011 he moved to the creative studio Ars Thanea but half year later he decided to star working as a freelancer.

Chek him at www.michaldziekan.com

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