Patrick Brown drawing Tony Montana (Scarface)

Patrick Brown drawing Tony Montana (Scarface)

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Take a look at this tutorial on how Patrick is illustrating Tony Montana from sketch to finished product. He starts with pencil and delivers a finished product with Photoshop and tablet.

Chek Patrick’s art at our Artist section HERE

Enjoy The Video

Tim Fife

WOW! I love your Tony Montana drawing! I’m writing because I’m looking for a freelance artist to help me with a personal project. My hobby is pinball (and electronics) and I’m currently “retheming” an existing pinball machine and I am making it into my own based on the TV show “Breaking Bad” (this involves a lot of work including replacing some hardware and writing all my own custom code.) However, I’m looking to hire a real artist to do the artwork for the cabinet of my game. I have the templates which show the resolution needed along with the angles of the cabinet and placement of the button, etc. (these templates are in .EPS format.) I’m looking to hire an artist to do the artwork for all 5 pieces (the main cabinet left and right, the upper cabinet left and right, and the front of the machine around the coin door.) I need the final work on Photoshop format to send to my guy who will print the cabinet decals. I have only a few requests on the art so it’s really up to your own artistic freedom from there. :) If you are interested in discussing this PLEASE let me know! Thanks in advance! -Tim

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