Psychedelic Illustrations by Anton Semenov

Psychedelic Illustrations by Anton Semenov

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Take a look at the incredible artwork of Anton Semenov. Semenov is a 28-year-old digital painter and graphic designer born and raised in Bratsk, Russia. His unique style and incredible attention to detail have gone into creating artwork for several clients. Anton has also been a contributor to the SlashThree collective’s exhibitions since late 2009.

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Anton_Semenov_1 Anton_Semenov_2 Anton_Semenov_3 Anton_Semenov_4 Anton_Semenov_5 Anton_Semenov_6 Anton_Semenov_7 Anton_Semenov_8 Anton_Semenov_9 Anton_Semenov_10 Anton_Semenov_11 Anton_Semenov_12 Anton_Semenov_13 Anton_Semenov_14 Anton_Semenov_15 Anton_Semenov_16


So beautiful and eerie. Eerie is always nice.


superbly talented and imaginative.


Whoooa ! That’s awesome. Reminds me of Tim Burton’s type of character design


Whoooa! mind blowing. I wish i could draw like that!

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