Romulo’s Celdran Hyper Realism

Romulo’s Celdran Hyper Realism

Source: Draw As A Maniac

First these are not pictures. It’s a fact ! When I saw Romulo’s art for the first time I’ve told myself. “No f…..n way, this can’t be true” And I’m pretty sure that your reaction is going to be the same and not only for the paintings, the sculpture too. He draws as a maniac in the whole sense of the word. Also if you are wondering what kind of materials he is using. For the graphs – pencil and acrylic on cardboard, for the paintings – oil on wood. Amazing ! Just scroll below to view his phenomenal works.

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romulo_celdran_1 romulo_celdran_2 romulo_celdran_3 romulo_celdran_4 romulo_celdran_5 romulo_celdran_6 romulo_celdran_7 romulo_celdran_8 romulo_celdran_9 romulo_celdran_10 romulo_celdran_11 romulo_celdran_12 romulo_celdran_13 romulo_celdran_14

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