The Adorable Portraits Of Marion Bolognesi

The Adorable Portraits Of Marion Bolognesi

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Marion Bolognesi lives and works in New York City where she splits her time betwen accessories design and her personal passion for expressive,illustrative water color painting. She recived a BFA with a focus in illustration from Massachussets College of Art & Design in Boston in 2003 and has exibited her paintings and work around the golbe.

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marion_bolognesi_art_1 marion_bolognesi_art_2 marion_bolognesi_art_3 marion_bolognesi_art_4 marion_bolognesi_art_5 marion_bolognesi_art_6 marion_bolognesi_art_7 marion_bolognesi_art_8 marion_bolognesi_art_9 marion_bolognesi_art_10

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