The Art of Danny O’Connor

The Art of Danny O’Connor

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Today we want to show you beautiful portrait paintings by UK based painter Danny O’Connor (aka DOC). “Concentrating mainly on figurative and portrait subject matter, his influences include comic books, graffiti, illustration, and character design. With a strong graphic element visible in his work, O’Connor uses a wide range of media including acrylics, spray paint, ink, paint markers, and household gloss and emulsions. O’Connor has exhibited alongside some of the worlds leading Urban artists such as Banksy and Adam Neate as well as other gallery shows across the UK. –

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Danny_O_Connor_1 Danny_O_Connor_2 Danny_O_Connor_3 Danny_O_Connor_4 Danny_O_Connor_5 Danny_O_Connor_6 Danny_O_Connor_7 Danny_O_Connor_8 Danny_O_Connor_9 Danny_O_Connor_10 Danny_O_Connor_11 Danny_O_Connor_12 Danny_O_Connor_13 Danny_O_Connor_14 Danny_O_Connor_15

Bethany Christen

WOW I love your work. I am inspired and would LOVE to study your art for my portfolio (all your work will be signed as yours). Thank you for being an artist!!!!!

Anny Schoonderbeek

I really like your work. It inspire me. I’ll embroider one of your paintings. with your name in it. thank you so much for your influence on my work.


Hi, I love your work. I just had to tell you that picture #7 above reminds me of myself. I posted your painting on Facebook and a lot of my friends agree with me. Did you use a model for that particular art work?

Robert Bard

I really love Danny’s work…. he has a very original take on the portrait which I admire greatly.I love the inventiveness the use of line and the mixture of the realism and the abstraction.Great work !!

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