The Art Of Florian Nicolle

The Art Of Florian Nicolle

Source: Draw As A Maniac

“I try to create an image that retains its freshness of the first paint stroke, the expressions of the line have to be very free and spontaneous. While keeping a rigorous drawing. So i use fast techniques, like a bic, large brush, watercolor and chines ink.” Florian Nicolle is a 25 year old French illustrator and designer.

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Florian_Nicolle_1 Florian_Nicolle_2 Florian_Nicolle_3 Florian_Nicolle_4 Florian_Nicolle_5 Florian_Nicolle_6 Florian_Nicolle_7 Florian_Nicolle_8 Florian_Nicolle_9 Florian_Nicolle_10 Florian_Nicolle_11 Florian_Nicolle_12 Florian_Nicolle_13 Florian_Nicolle_14 Florian_Nicolle_15 Florian_Nicolle_16 Florian_Nicolle_17 Florian_Nicolle_18 Florian_Nicolle_19 Florian_Nicolle_20 Florian_Nicolle_21 Florian_Nicolle_22

jade price

hello my names jade. at the moment im doing my art exam and we have to choose an artist. So because i was really inspired by your work i chose you. im just wondering what sort of materials you use to do your pieces and also whether you could give me any advice?

Thank you

krista Hernach

outstanding work. amazing talent… very inspiring

Joanne Lee

great work :) i love the very natural balance and the partial addition of tones gives a very nice feel
i really like the picture of the dancer i think (?)
shes almost shining


Your work is absolutely beautiful! My favorites are the two at the top because of how well the facial expression is portrayed, plus purple’s my favorite color. I was also wondering the same thing as Jade, how do you create these pieces? Currently I’m studying graphic design and your work is inspiring one of my projects. What’s the process you go through? Do you use computer programs and if so how and what for? Any advice you could give? Thank you!


they are so fantastic….they are king…thank you


I think each image is well executed, simply beautiful!!!


love your art. Any books or dvds on your process?


Hi there! I’m an art student from South Africa and I have to choose an inspiring artist for this piece that we’re doing which is self other. Anyway, so I saw your work online and I took an interest in it and I would really like to know what inspires you and basically what you do to produce your works. It would be greatly appreciated if you replied! Thank you!


hey am an AS student and chose you as my artist of focus I was wondering what materials you use


Hey there. My name is Nisal and I’m doing research for my project in grade 11 on The Diversity Of Others and chose you based on the method by which you display your artwork (the typography and the toned paper really makes your artwork seem very antique) and the way by which you presents your artwork with a sense of importance that will definitely affect the way the future generations will perceive our generation and the impact that we have made on them. I have the same question too. How do you create your pieces and what inspires you to do so. Keep it up. Thanks

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