The Art of Sakimi Chan

The Art of Sakimi Chan

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Sakimi Chan is a digital artist based in Canada. She is realy young and amazingly talented. Her works are field with pasion, clour and life. You may recognise some characters from Disney, Warner Brothers and Street Fighter. Scroll down and enjoy these amazing artworks.

Chek her at HERE

Enjoy The Gallery

Sakimi_Chan_1 Sakimi_Chan_2 Sakimi_Chan_3 Sakimi_Chan_4 Sakimi_Chan_5 Sakimi_Chan_6 Sakimi_Chan_7 Sakimi_Chan_8 Sakimi_Chan_9 Sakimi_Chan_10 Sakimi_Chan_11 Sakimi_Chan_12 Sakimi_Chan_13 Sakimi_Chan_14 Sakimi_Chan_15

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