The Awesome Tom Bagshaw

The Awesome Tom Bagshaw

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Based in the Georgian city of Bath, England, Tom Bagshaw works as a commercial illustrator under the moniker Mostlywanted and is represented by The Central Illustration Agency. His talents are sought after by clients in fashion, advertising, editorial and publishing, and include Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony, the BBC, Kraft and GQ. He has done front cover illustrations for a group of select publishing houses – Future Publishing, Scholastic and Random House to name a few. –

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Tom_Bagshaw_1 Tom_Bagshaw_2 Tom_Bagshaw_3 Tom_Bagshaw_4 Tom_Bagshaw_5 Tom_Bagshaw_6 Tom_Bagshaw_7 Tom_Bagshaw_8 Tom_Bagshaw_9 Tom_Bagshaw_10 Tom_Bagshaw_11 Tom_Bagshaw_12 Tom_Bagshaw_13


I love all of these paintings


precious diamonds…love them all

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