The Brilliant Typography Works Of Marcelo Schultz

The Brilliant Typography Works Of Marcelo Schultz

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Marcelo Schultz is a Graphic Designer and illustrator based in Curitiba, south of Brazil. Working as Art Director at DDQ Design ( He builds all of his work from scratch and that is the way he like to work. Also he spends a lot of time drawing everything that comes into his head.

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marcelo_schultz_1 marcelo_schultz_2 marcelo_schultz_3 marcelo_schultz_4 marcelo_schultz_5 marcelo_schultz_6 marcelo_schultz_7 marcelo_schultz_8 marcelo_schultz_9 marcelo_schultz_10 marcelo_schultz_11 marcelo_schultz_12 marcelo_schultz_13 marcelo_schultz_14 marcelo_schultz_15



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