The Extraordinary Art of Eugene Lushpin

The Extraordinary Art of Eugene Lushpin

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Eugene Lushpin, born in Moscow in November of 1966, is a celebrated contemporary artist whose work graces private collections throughout the United States, Russia and abroad. Greatly influenced by the Russian Realism School, his inspiring paintings of still life and landscape reflect a complex rendering of texture, illusionistic light and an intricate attention to detail.

In his first creative stage, the artist followed the traditional technique of the Russian Realism School, elaborately painting his surfaces with the finest glazes. Possessing a strong interest in the effect of illusions, his early work reflects a strong sense of symbolism. Skillfully mastering the complex technique of texture painting with glimmering, lustrous or reflective surfaces, Lushpin created a series of photorealistic landscapes. At first glance, they are often mistaken for large color photographs.

Recently, the artist’s interests have become more focused on the image of the city. He has a unique gift for capturing the dynamic energy of a crowded sidewalk or the serene mood of a quiet neighborhood. Rooftops are often a prominent subject in much of his work, representing the theme of fairy tales from the artist’s childhood – man rising above everyday problems and the bustle of the world. His brilliant use of color and sharp contrast combined with loose Impressionistic brushstrokes bring a dynamic quality to his impressive artwork.

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I am very fond of these paintings.. please could someone direct me where to find a good art school .. well if possible the school that Lushpin Eugene attended.. thank u so much guys!!




My kind of art …stunning.

Sriparna Bandyopadhyay

Great perspective. Colour can be so illuminating. So natural, yet so supernatural.


Where I’d the one with the bridge and the big lamp post and buildings located?

John Mazella

Beautiful and inspiring. I have the 2016 old Europe calendar hanging on my wall. Is there any index as to the location of the various scenes? I recognize some, but an index would be very helpful. Thank you.


Mesmorising,beautiful,magical,breath taking.
Australia is ready !


I want to draw his paintings, is it stealing?

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