The Incredible Surreal Artworks Of Alexander Lyamkin

The Incredible Surreal Artworks Of Alexander Lyamkin

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Born 1964, in Siberia, Russia. Alexander graduated from art college, but gained the majority of his experience through years of creative and personal development. The perfect photographical quality of Alexander’s paintings fascinates and astonishes. It’s like he took the legendary Pablo Picasso’s art style and adapted it to a pop art surrealism, with stunning color combination, grace and humor.

Enjoy The Gallery

alexander_lymkin_1 alexander_lymkin_2 alexander_lymkin_3 alexander_lymkin_4 alexander_lymkin_5 alexander_lymkin_6 alexander_lymkin_7 alexander_lymkin_8 alexander_lymkin_9 alexander_lymkin_10 alexander_lymkin_12 alexander_lymkin_13 alexander_lymkin_14 alexander_lymkin_15 alexander_lymkin_16 alexander_lymkin_17 alexander_lymkin_18 alexander_lymkin_19 alexander_lymkin_20 alexander_lymkin_21 alexander_lymkin_22 alexander_lymkin_23 alexander_lymkin_24 alexander_lymkin_25 alexander_lymkin_26

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