The Striking Art of Matei Apostolescu

The Striking Art of Matei Apostolescu

Source: Draw As A Maniac
Flow my tears the lion said

Matei Apostolescu is a unique and talented artist and he loves to work with details:

“When I was a kid my mom used to bring home from her work place huge blueprints of all types of machinery from mining equipment to aircraft engines, I copied quite a lot of them and even colored some and ever since then I remained hooked on very detailed stuff.”

Now here is something realy good – Matei has a pack of 27 amazing wallpapers that currently giving away for free at his web site.

Chek him at

Enjoy The Gallery

The way of all markets Mother Strange Spring Trap Swift Revenge A time to destroy Matei_Apostolescu_6 E30 1988 Morning cat Serial Antichrist Final Transmission Battleship 13 Environmental concerns 4 Race car Mr. BWR M1 The 4th surf dude of the apocalypse Tree Zero Three General AH64 Matei_Apostolescu_18 Matei_Apostolescu_19 Behold a pale blue horse Flow my tears the lion said

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