Tyson McAdoo – Illustrator

Tyson McAdoo – Illustrator

Source: Draw As A Maniac

No one has the ability to combine the essence of 1950′s housewife, 1960′s sexpot, 1970′s exploitation femme fatale, and modern day pin-up quite like Tyson McAdoo. His ladies, teetering on impossibly high heels, seem as likely to screw you, as shoot you or cook you some bacon in nothing but an apron. Tyson is one of the few modern day artists whose work I keep close tabs on, and he never fails to thrill! - 666 photography

Check him at www.tysonmcadoo.com

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nice can you make a few girls naked in front of boys and boys naked in front of girls and make them have nothing on the bodies not even underwear and showing the privet parts?


Love your work its all awesome ! Brilliant.

matthew nicholls

I loved pictchs such a joy I’d love to send some . I enjoy art an I draw my sell in my Frey time tipe of thing feruncher design an cares much more if you like to send I would I would love to heir from you


Nothing But Talent Vision, Illustration outside the Box/Tasteful. Keep the Well’s Filled>And When in Doubt Pause and Count 456 Stay in Tune!
I’m Now a Fan!

Rockin Regards.

MadAnthony Bassist Pause456

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