Vitaly Samarin – Digital Artist

Vitaly Samarin – Digital Artist

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Born in in Novokuznetsk, Siberian Russia, Vitaly Samarin Alexius is a genius freelance illustrator & photographer. Since 2000, he has been tutoring on the subject of drawing and painting. Over the past years he grew to a elusive artists with great eye for details. He is famous for his unique style which he justifiably called “Dreaminism”.

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Vitaly_Samarin_1 Vitaly_Samarin_2 Vitaly_Samarin_3 Vitaly_Samarin_4 Vitaly_Samarin_5 Vitaly_Samarin_6 Vitaly_Samarin_7 Vitaly_Samarin_8 Vitaly_Samarin_9 Vitaly_Samarin_10 Vitaly_Samarin_11 Vitaly_Samarin_12 Vitaly_Samarin_13 Vitaly_Samarin_14 Vitaly_Samarin_15 Vitaly_Samarin_16 Vitaly_Samarin_17 Vitaly_Samarin_18 Vitaly_Samarin_19 Vitaly_Samarin_20 Vitaly_Samarin_21 Vitaly_Samarin_22 Vitaly_Samarin_23 Vitaly_Samarin_24 Vitaly_Samarin_25 Vitaly_Samarin_26 Vitaly_Samarin_27 Vitaly_Samarin_28 Vitaly_Samarin_29 Vitaly_Samarin_30


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