Book Art by Su Blackwel

Book Art by Su Blackwel

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Su Blackwell is a Sheffield based artist born in 1975.  Su Blackwell reveal another face of book. Often opened, the pages are the basis of the composition. The result looks likes illustrations: landscape, architecture, characters. That’s probably why, with her sens of poetry and story telling, her work is also used in ardvertising or magazines covers.

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2012-the-last-unicorn 2011_baron_in_the_trees 2011_baron_detail_3 2009-out-of-narnia 2009-edensor-derbyshire 2007-the-twelve-dancing-princesses-1 2007-the-world-of-ice 2008-the-wild-swans 2007-the-old-house 2010-hazel-tree-detail 2010-silvernose 2010-red-riding-hood-detail 2007-peter-pan-ship 2007-alice-a-mad-tea-party 2006-wild-flowers 2012-nature

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