Pinups and Comic Covers by Eddy Swan

Pinups and Comic Covers by Eddy Swan

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Eddy Swan is a freelance comic colorist from Queensland Australia. He created a series of amazing pin-up illustrations for Comic Covers. Just have in mind that he is only coloring these arts. There are two more guys, one for pencils and one for inking. So basically these arts are collective.

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Enjoy The Gallery

cyblade_2_by_eddy_swan-d35ei6w cyblade_redux_by_eddy_swan-d4ljuzf darkness_by__broussard_by_eddy_swan-d491c7l darkness_vs_angelus_by_eddy_swan-d537189 labyrinth_by_eddy_swan-d5nfoow lady_mechanika_by_eddy_swan-d5nfooh magneto_by_eddy_swan-d5rnfrr powergirl_by_eddy_swan-d4f1bun red_month___vampirella_by_eddy_swan-d56eh8r redmonika_redux_by_eddy_swan-d5e22ik smurfette_by_eddy_swan-d5712yl velocity_by_eddy_swan-d3istql velocity_day_by_eddy_swan-d523kvb witchblade_by_eddy_swan-d5o9zo7 wolverine_by_eddy_swan-d5e27ax x_men_by_eddy_swan-d4unykx

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