Pixxxel By Jean Yves Lemoigne

Pixxxel By Jean Yves Lemoigne

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Enough with this HD girls. It’s time for some low resolution pixel girls. Jean Yves Lemoigne is a french photographer living and working in Paris. He is best known by his non-traditional advertising campaigns. The presented works below are from “pixxxel”  campaign for Amusement magazine.

Check him at www.jeanyveslemoigne.com

Enjoy The Gallery

gabarit-1-dossier-pixxxel-1-web gabarit-1-dossier-pixxxel-2-web gabarit-1-dossier-pixxxel-3-web gabarit-1-dossier-pixxxel-4-web gabarit-1-dossier-pixxxel-5-web


This is realy creative.


are these constructs or digital?

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