Sergey Svistunov Art

Sergey Svistunov Art

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Sergey Svistunov (fear-sAs) is a Russian digital artist based in Moscow. He has some insane character designs… I mean the creepy one! He is also a member of the group of hobbyists which draw fantastic Mortal Kombat character illustrations, well cheers for that man! Got me as a fan.

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502921 502952 502956 angry_birds_by_fear_sas-d5jj368 Corrupted_Guardian_by_fear_sAs cupid_2012_by_fear_sas-d4phmgr hare_by_fear_sas-d56oznb mac_world_by_fear_sas-d5f80dd Me____Self_Portrait_by_fear_sAs Me___Cat_by_fear_sAs rain___mortal_kombat_fan_art_by_fear_sas-d5kr6gh red_fields_by_fear_sas-d53nmt8 robot_03_by_fear_sas-d53nn5l scorpion___mortal_kombat_art_by_fear_sas-d5mulh5 sub_zero_mortal_kombat_9_by_fear_sas-d5bbbdu sub_zero_mortal_kombat_art_by_fear_sas-d5kl2v6 vampire_a01_by_fear_sas-d2xs89o


Stunning work


Your stuff is great!

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