Street art by Andre Muniz Gonzaga

Street art by Andre Muniz Gonzaga

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Street art by Brazil based graffiti artist Andre Muniz Gonzaga, aka Dalata. Andre creates his work on some irregular objects in a style of abstract and surrealism using variety of techniques – painting, drawing and sculpture.

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Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_01 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_02 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_03 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_04 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_05 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_06 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_07 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_8 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_09 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_010 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_011 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_012 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_013 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_014 Andre_Muniz_Gonzaga_015

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