Awesome Caricatures by Jaume Cullell

Awesome Caricatures by Jaume Cullell

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Jaume Cullell is a 28 years old freelance illustrator from Spain, specialized in caricatures which have won many international prizes. He has been working for five years in animation series for many international studios making characters and prop designs. From some time ago he is working as caricature artist for magazines and also done storyboards for advertisements and music videos.

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qui_gon_jin_by_jaumecullell-d2z52oq rambo_by_jaumecullell-d4xpun5 chuck_by_jaumecullell-d30jiox DANNY_TREJO___MACHETE_by_JaumeCullell bill_murray_by_jaumecullell-d4mcagi clint_eastwood_by_jaumecullell-d2ymqgi harrison_ford_by_jaumecullell-d508sej bane_by_jaumecullell-d58ldzv JACK_BLACK_by_JaumeCullell jack_sparrow_by_jaumecullell-d4bp1vb james_hetfield_by_jaumecullell-d30s9ja JAY_LENO_by_JaumeCullell steven_seagal_by_jaumecullell-d3kz54y the_chosen_one_by_jaumecullell-d4b2h86 tony_stark_by_jaumecullell-d4xv9gf willem_dafoe_by_jaumecullell-d338tch


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