Emotional Charge From Miguel Freitas

Emotional Charge From Miguel Freitas

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Miguel Freitas grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and moved with his family to Toronto, Canada in 1983. His love of art and painting started at a young age where he explored different ways of expressing his creativity. Starting out with a Graphic Arts degree he entered into the creative world, first working as a photographer in the fashion and modeling fields and then as an illustrator for Ad agencies. His artistic diversity and ability to work with various media and styles has proven to be a great asset to his creative career and his successes eventually lead him to positions working as Art Director for companies both in Canada and Europe.

Although he enjoyed design, he longed for new challenges and creative freedom and so in 2004 he ventured on his own and made a career of what had, until then, only been a passionate hobby…painting, and he has since painted full-time from his home studio in Toronto’s east end.

His use of vibrant colors is what often strikes people first. The colors are carefully chosen, giving off a strong presence and symbolic content to his work. The passionate reds, pure range of blues and warm yellows are seared into your memory, leaving you emotionally charged. You will lose yourself in the warmth and comfort of a familiar place. The paintings convincingly depict the naive impressions and memories left in your mind years after visiting a place. His unique style and execution bring to mind images of great frescoes on old crumbling walls. The unusual use of mixed media and subject matter, are a perfect marriage.

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I love the whimsicality of the work

Nick Collett

Hi I wonder if you can tell us where we can get a print or canvas of the image at the top of this article. We first saw it in Vancouver and have been looking ever since. We are in the UK so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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