Master Digital Art by Néstor Ossandón

Master Digital Art by Néstor Ossandón

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Néstor Ossandón, who also goes by the online alias ~N-ossandon-Nezt is a digital artist from Chile. He used to be one of the leading artists over at Blackvolta Studio, but unfortunately they have closed their doors on future projects!

Featuring work produced for Warhammer and Warmachine as well as his own personal projects, Néstor attention to detail is exceptional.

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maelock_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d4n11wq ork__and_dwarf_prff_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d2swjhe mulg_vs_woldwarden_y_woldwyrd_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d4c117l rewin_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3knm4a gust_y_gears_dawnguard_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3bopik drago_vs_devouts_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d4cwhs3 vayl_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d4ub62y campaigner__s_eye__by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3kydmw artificer_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3j2wiq en_el_bosque_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d2uykku leono_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d46vjj4 rpg_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d4la4gp vampir_bkv_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d31cyuw mountain_king___by_n_ossandon_nezt-d5nlpzw nosfailratus_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3doo8f rasta_fat_by_n_ossandon_nezt-d3b8uvc

Giovanni Vincent

I love your digital artwork to start. I am 13 years old and I just wanted to say that I love your style of art. I’ve always loved videogames ever since I was young and now that I’ve seen your art, it just reminds me of all the things that I loved to do. I support you and all of your art. Thank You.

Sincerely, Giovanni Vincent


Hi, your works are just amazing and some of them are incredibly detailed.. I envy your experience and talent..
and as a very beginner with illustrator I just want to know if you could give me any tips or anything to get me better at all..

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