Michal Ivan Art

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Michal Ivan is an Illustrator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. His works in the field of fantasy have enable him to work for Ubisoft on the upcoming video game Heroes of Might and Magic VI. He also realized digital paintings ih the “comics” style. Some of his illustrations are like paintings.

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darkness_80_cover_by_perzo lord_of_wolves_by_perzo jungle_hulk_by_perzo-d3ckeub the_merciless_by_perzo The_Axe_of_Bronze_by_perzo orange_storm_by_perzo Horned_God__s_Daughter_by_perzo forest_girl_by_perzo feel_my_wrath_by_perzo mythical_monsters_cover_by_perzo-d4fj94b lost_kingdoms_by_perzo-d4w039t dragonhunters_by_perzo-d3i7ji3 lord_walden___wow_tcg_by_perzo-d4gcwcc vladimir__league_of_legends_by_michalivan-d5rpp44 varisia__birthplace_of_legends_cover_by_michalivan-d52e2ri brand_by_michalivan-d5rvdrt

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