Dran – The French Banksy

Dran – The French Banksy

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Based in Toulouse, Dran is a multi-talented artist who uses a variety of media such as installations, paintings and drawings to convey his ironic viewpoint. After developing his skills as part of Toulouse’s renowned graffiti scene. He is also a fan of the absurd and has published a number of books featuring his funny sketches parodying everyday events with great doses of surrealism.

Check him at retroactif.free.fr/dran

Enjoy The Gallery

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My god this is incredible. Observing the unobserved. Visualising the hidden obvious. Good stuff, keep it up!


you stole the idea of the finger smashing a person’s head from blu.

Daniel C

Not even close. The symbolism is WAY too obvious and each meaning has already been said 100 times before


Great stuff. Looks to me like I see influence from Maurice Sendak, my favorite children’s book illustrator.

John Koch

Magnifique. Keep on keepin’ on brotha. Salah.

Rosochka Crotton

If the style won’t be so gloomy it could be named littele


this is wonderful. stumblebutton’d art for a little soul motivation. and, youve made my day.


i really like these. awesome!


depressing Russian style art. America is now on the wrong side in the old cold war existing under a dead religious dictatorship.


beautiful pic and desing, is a motivation for me , banksy see mexico, need your art here to motivate the bad government


This is great – would be nice to see some of the pieces on buildings.


beautiful. the dispare that is obvious and right in front of us that we ignore.


i hope you have a delete capability in your admin for some of these comments. dark and scary images, good to look upon.


MA-GNI-FI-QUE ! This is deep and strong.


seems a bit like an assemblage of ripoffs


This is absolutely amazing. At first, I was almost disgusted by a few, but, and I hope that didn’t offend you, this reaction made me want to study the photos more. Well done!


super inspiring!!!


Most awesome and thought provoking images. I love the subliminal behind them. Keep up the great work. Art really should make us feel or think or both!


I cannot stop visiting these illustrations, are AMAZING!


I enjoyed these until I saw the finger smashing the head, complete BLU bite. BLU is my all time favorite artist, but with that being said biting and all, I still liked yo shit.

skeevy steve

i am going to have to agree with the people who said you bit blu’s idea with the finger smashing the head, he did that way before you. not to take away from how ridiculously good you are, because by no means am i saying that you aren’t good, because you are amazing, i am just a huge blu fan and there are so many artists that emulate his stuff and he is the original when it comes to that particular style.

Emma Townley

To those knocking Dran for “copying” Blu, please remember that all artists are inspired by one another. It’s rare to find originality anywhere anymore. It’s the same for music, film, and every other art form you can think of. Heck, Banksy is FAR from original he just happened to get his work noticed more than others. Just appreciate the pure talent and the skill that Dran portrays. His work is utterly beautiful.


“Copying is okay because everyone does it anyways.”

Emma, stop talking.

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