Colorful Illustrations by Martin Satí

Colorful Illustrations by Martin Satí

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Martin Satí gives name to a small graphic studio located in Seville city that started its professional journey in 2006, focusing his work on art direction, graphic design and illustration.

The brand is headed by J.R. Martin, a graphic designer who studied Fine Art in Seville, completing his training with a period of study at the University of Winchester (United Kingdom) that allowed him to get closer to contemporary artistic aspects. Since then the graphic experimentation and a very thorough job and developed have become the hallmarks of his creations.

Martin’s profile joins several plastic disciplines, what defines him as a “graphic craftsman”. A clear parallelism exists between his work and traditional craftsman’s work. Both of them find in a popular context, something that improves the creation process while composing the graphic elements. In fact, Martin’s creative process is similar as the potter or ceramist one.

Martin has worked for various brands: Hp, Movistar, kellogs, Beefeater 24, Google, Laqua&co New Cork, SNCF, Campo Viejo, Acciona.

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