The Blessed Event by Mark Maggiori

The Blessed Event by Mark Maggiori

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Mark Maggiori is an artist from France, raised in Fontainebleau, a little town in the forest, about 50 miles south of Paris. He discovered art at the age of 20 and went to art school in Paris where he discovered painting, drawing and photography. By time he is playing in a french metal band which opens many doors for him, like directing music videos and working on different projects.

The “The Blessed Event” is an interpretation of oil on canvas of how our lives would look like if Jesus lives not only in our hearts, but literally sitting on the couch.

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1.-What-if-Jesus-really-lived-with-you 3.-Jesus-hanging-out-with-pregnant-woman 4.-Jesus-on-a-fence 5.-Blue-Jesus 6.-It-is-the-divine-flow


Ashley Hunt

Very interesting work, and very skilled. You have a new fan :)


I really liked the first picture, but can you draw a picture with a man and women naked even showing their vagina and penis sexing?

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