Awe-inspiring photographs by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Awe-inspiring photographs by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Born in Germany and brought up in Germany, the USA and UK Fullerton-Batten studied photography at a collage before spending 5 years as a assistant to number of professional photographers engaged in a wide variety of genre. Her work has been exhibited widely world-wide and won many prestigious awards.

Her international reputation is notably due to two sets of shots: “In Between” where the models levitate and “Teenage stories” where the teenagers looks like giants in the world of lilliputians.

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Julia_Fullerton_Batten_01 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_02 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_04 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_10 NPG P1128(3); Sir Cyril Chantler by Julia Fullerton-Batten Julia_Fullerton_Batten_08 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_07 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_10.jpeg Julia_Fullerton_Batten_11 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_12 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_13 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_14 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_15 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_16 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_05 Julia_Fullerton_Batten_06

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