David Olenik – Basic Human Behavior

David Olenik – Basic Human Behavior

Source: Draw As A Maniac

After receiving his bachelor’s degree graphic designer David Olenik spent 15 years as graphic artist and art director designing T-shirts for most of the big names in the industry, after this luckily Deivid begins to make his own models that gained great popularity. David’s art perfectly illustrates the humor of making bad decisions, apologies and basic human behavior.

Check him at www.davidolenick.com

Enjoy The Gallery

1 David-Olenik-healthy-as-fuck David-Olenik-fuck-your-diet David-Olenik-you-should-text-him David-Olenik-shoping-fils-the-emptiness 2 David-Olenik-i-love-you-man David-Olenik-i'm-good-even-i'm-bad David-Olenik-i-own-you David-Olenik-no-body-has-to-know David-Olenik-the-important-thing-is-that-i-belive-im-myself David-Olenik-take-me-take-me-now David-Olenik-hello-my-name-is-keep-walking 3 4 David-Olenik-come-the-heal-down David-Olenik-do-you-find-me-atractive David-Olenik-i-am-fucking-freezing David-Olenik-i-deel-overdressed

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