Emi Haze! The modern face of the photography

Emi Haze! The modern face of the photography

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Emi Haze is a young and extremely talented digital artist based in Monfalcone, Italy.  He graduated the Institute of design in Verona with a degree Graphic and advertising design. From interpersonal side, his friends describe him as ‘calm, quiet, sometimes introvert, really creative, inspired and perfectionist’. Emi believes that the art is everywhere and each piece of the world we live in has beautiful and aesthetic side. Essential elements in the process of his work are nice music and indie movies.

Below is his last project, where Emi Haze tried to merge the human body with nature or rather with the four elements of fire, air, water and earth, and even with a fifth esoteric element: the Aristotelian ether, that includes all the others, the essence of celestial bodies, eternal and unchangeable in comparison with the earth as a place of change.

Check him at www.emihaze.com

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