The Magical World of Bobby Chiu

The Magical World of Bobby Chiu

Source: Draw As A Maniac

Bobby Chiu is a Canadian conceptual artist and educator. He started his career at the age of two by giving new life of  his family’s house walls with couple of pastels. At the age of seventeen, his talent to renovate and create new characters , has been noticed from Disney, Warner Bros and Star Wars and  the young Bobby was recruited to design toys for them. Naturally, his gift has been appreciated by couple of art competitions and magazines as well, and he won number of awards about his individual works.
About the feeling to be freelancer artist Bobby says :”I’m in full control over what I do. I can pick and choose the projects that seem fun and which interest me. If none are on my plate, I can create my own projects and do what I love all day long. I work longer and harder now than I ever did before but it’s great because it’s on my own terms. The satisfaction I get from that is indescribable.”

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bobby-chiu bobby-chiu-beam-me-up-scottie bobby-chiu-cat-and-mouse-by-imaginism bobby-chiu-early-bloom bobby-chiu-flying-high-by-imaginism bobby-chiu-game-of-thrones-tyrion-lannister-by-imaginism-d53bopd bobby-chiu-lucky-you-by-imaginism-d4swvsc bobby-chiu-merman-by-imaginism-d79wdh1 bobby-chiu-name-that-creature-by-imaginism-d5iktbu bobby-chiu-oldlady bobby-chiu-reek bobby-chiu-the-gift-by-imaginism-d6agaof bobby-chiu-totoro niko_and_the_sword_of_light_by_bobby_chiu_0 Tweedles_Concept_Art_by_bobbychiu_0

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