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Liam Brazier – It’s All About Geometry Baby

Liam Brazier is a freelance illustrator and animator based in London. He’s known for his unique geometric style illustrations which according to him are created with Photoshop’s polygonal selection tool.

“Each shape is drawn, one at a time, with Photoshop’s polygonal selection tool and filled with a colour (or in some pieces later stages – a gradient), until I am happy or have gone crazy.”says Liam

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The Qsual Five

What inspires you?

I am a conduit of everything I’ve ever obsessed over. Films, music, comics, toys, tv, computer games, and books essence I guess I am saying I am inspired by a good third of the Argos catalogue.

What made you the artist, you are today?

Star Wars. But also foremost an equal parts percentage stake of stubbornness and being fairly inept at everything else. I was labeled with some degree of aptitude in the field at an early age and never really looked back. From the playgrounds of early school where I drew popular comic characters for friends with a blunt HB pencil, through years of art school that followed, to working as an illustrator (and animator) today drawing popular comic book characters (amongst other things) is not a gigantic leap. The dot-to-dot diagram of my ‘career’ to date forms a rigid straight line. This is my job but also my hobby, so producing work is never an issue – if anything it is the process of creating I like the most. Only time is my enemy. Plus money. Time and money have formed a gang and are my enemy – they loiter and let down the tyres of my drive to create and throw sand in the eye of my ability to pay my rent, but I can walk, and have another eye so I’m never not thinking about the next piece, considering a composition, or dreaming up a new project.

Favorite artists?

Edward Gorey is still undisputed king of image and words for me, he said a lot with not a lot and that’s a particular skill. I see new artwork I wish I’d created daily and could list a few hundred fantastic illustrators working today here if left to ramble. Ninety percent of the folks I follow on Twitter are amazing illustrators with much envied skills.

Last thing that stopped your breath?

Literally; some badly labeled food packing being all too flippant with the term “May contain traces of nuts”. Figuratively; discovering Adventure Time, falling in love with Adventure Time, being invited to take part in a gallery show for Adventure Time, being utterly enraged I couldn’t immediately purchase full season blu-rays of Adventure Time because they don’t exist for no other reason (in my mind) than to annoy me.

For the youth.

If  it’s a chore you are doing it wrong.

Open your eyes, to ideas, new inspiration, and because its generally beneficial when drawing.

Don’t talk about fight club.

Enjoy The Gallery