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Cartoon Illustrations by Anita Mejia

Mexico based artist and illustrator Anita Mejia loves cartoon characters, Scooby, Velma Dinkley, conde Patulas, etc. The most favourite cartoon characters of her are the cute little girls she created with various moods and personalities.

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The Usual Five

What inspires you?

My biggest source of inspiration is my mind, my childhood, since young I always invented situations, stories, adventures, friends and all that accompanied me for a long time. When I do personal artwork it always shows something from that time. I’m also inspired by experiences, books, music, family, traveling, nature, a bit of everything.

What made you the artist, you are today?

The intention to seek a way to tell all the stories that were created in my mind. I was always pretty shy, so I decided to draw them, I want my illustrations to tell these stories.

Favorite artists?

I love the work of Theodor G. Seuss, his stories, images and the messages that can be read between lines. I also admire the work of other illustrators like Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey.

Last thing that stopped your breath?

Mingus (my cat) waking up in the morning with a bite and kisses on my nose.

For the youth!

Once you find what you love and makes you feel alive, never let it go, hold on to it and enjoy it.

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