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Moment of Joy With Diane Geoghegan


Diane Geoghegan (pronounced “gay-gan”), a 30 year resident of Jerome, Arizona, is continually inspired by dramatic lighting and natural landscape. Her work has spanned many mediums, including oil and prismacolor, though her current focus is in watercolor. Respecting the medium’s tendency towards transparent color washes and gradations, she creates stylized representations of landscape as well as evocative figure portraits.

Geoghegan has achieved signature status in numerous watercolor associations, including the National Watercolor Society. Her work has been featured in over 30 national shows.

“In a world of frenzy and chaos, I strive to portray the quiet and solitude within my subjects. My images provide a place to reflect on the beauty of nature or perhaps the serenity in a person’s gaze. Hopefully, it’s a moment to slow down, enjoy the beauty that’s all around us and take some time to breathe, to feel life’s inner pulse.

My work is an escape from responsiblity; I do it for the sheer joy it brings to my soul. It is my intention to allow the viewer to travel with me to a place of introspection and if only for a moment, inner peace.”

Enjoy The Gallery

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