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February 2013 Ilustrations


James Bennett lives and works in Pennsylvania. He began his professional career shortly after receiving recognition from the Society of Illustrators and RSVP as a scholarship student at the School of Visual Arts in New York. James conceptually humorous Illustrations have since appeared as covers and interior pieces for The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Forbes…


Artist Nicolas Delort lives and works in the suburbs of Paris where he creates evocative and imposing illustrations using ink and scratchboard. Nicolas is well-rounded artist. But here we are showing you only his inked illustrations. Some of them are key moments from the Harry Potter series or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.


Rollin’ Safari is a collection of animated shorts featuring obese, bloated wild animals attempting to grab a bite to eat and relaxing in their natural habitat. The animated shorts were created by students at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg…


A world without Art and Creativity, is like a Harry Potter novel without Magic. With every stroke, the wish is to enliven every piece of Art with spells of enchantment from a “magic wand” dipped in the ink of an artist’s soul…


Oscar Martin has been an artist and writer of ‘Tom and Jerry’ stories from 1986. His comics have been published all over Europe and the USA. He inititially drew ‘Tom and Jerry’ stories for the German publisher Condor, and later for the Swedish Semic Press…


Jeremy’s paintings are highly detailed and often take months to complete. He starts with a preliminary painting where composition, color and tone are resolved. Then the painting is drawn up and mapped out using washes of color before painting begins…


When I Grow Up is a great animated film by Colin Hesterly after the imagination of a young boy dreaming about his future. Producted by Academy Creative absolutely beautiful and refreshing to discover images in the future.


Jerico is a freelance art director and photo illustrator based in Lanzarote, Spain. He started to get interest in art at a very early age, but it wasn’t until 1998 when he discovered computers and Photoshop; his new paper and colour pencils.


First time when I saw his works I was so inspired, had no time to finish the whole article because I was already drawing. Great style! Awesome works!


Artist Henrique Oliveiraa was a student in São Paulo, Brazil when the plywood fence outside his window began to peel and fade into different layers and colors. The wood, called tapumes in Portuguese is ubiquitous in the Brazilian city, serving as enclosures and barriers for various sites…