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Alexis Marcou – Illustrator

Aleixs Marcou is an excellent  illustrator who deals really good with the  combination of  traditional and digital art for the execution of this awesome pieces of art.  He has been working for clients such as Nike,  ATOMIC,  HEWLETT PACKARD, CISCO.  First time when I saw his works I was so inspired, had no time to finish the whole article because I was already drawing.  Great style! Awesome works!

Check him at

The Usual Five

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in lots of things in my daily life. This might be through someone I meet, a news report, a good photo and music. I also find other artists work very inspiring!

What made you the artist, you are today?

I can’t pinpoint something specific but I always enjoyed drawing especially using graphite. I believe it is a combination of hard work, experimentation and being open to learning new things. Most importantly I enjoy what do.

Favorite artists?

Some of the artists that inspire me lately include Séverine Piret , Sit Haiiro, Yoji Shinkawa, Linda Huber and many more.

Last thing that stopped your breath?

I would say it was a photo which I will probably be using as my reference for my next self initiated project.

For the youth!

To stop talking about what you love and do it.

Enjoy The Gallery