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Typography Posters by Ben Fearnley

UK-based graphic designer and digital artist Ben Fearnley creates artwork in all kinds of forms, including flat illustrations as well as three-dimensional digital art. In this series of posters, the artist has turned inspirational quotes into clean and well-designed typography. Using monochromatic black and white, he gives new and visual significance to these already classic phrases.

The artist quotes a variety of major historical figures, including Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as some modern figures like Steve Jobs and Paul Arden. In just one simple phrase, these strong figures were able to communicate a certain passion and strength for life, and Fearnley draws on those words for his own design inspiration. The posters feature basic geometric shapes and lines, lots of white space, and classic fonts to convey the strength of the motivating messages from which viewers can’t help but feel a bit encouraged.

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