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The fascinating art of Carlos Quevedo


Probably some people consider Venezuela as the country of Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez and endless TV novels, but for us  Venezuela is the home country of prodigiously talented artists like Carlos Quevedo.

In his works are uniquely combined photographic material, painting and 3D elements to create a piece of art, where ethereal environments and surreal characters come to live, bringing a pictorial expression about mysticism, spirituality and symbolism.

Besides his brilliant artistic skills, Carlos is punctual and open minded person who was so kind to respond our blitz interview.

To learn more about Carlos have a look at

The Usual Five

Describe the journey that makes you the artist that you are today?

I guess it is a journey of hard work, and determination, and as I always say, it’s a path of patience, letting yourself to learn and explore in this field.

What is your inspiration ?

My inspiration comes from theology and mythology,  I’d like to explore a lot on these fields, especially on Abrahamic Religion where my own beliefs come from.

Who are your favorite artists?

Armando Barrios is an artist I’ve admired since I was kid. On the digital field I love the work of Alexander Jansson and Martin Lisec.

What was the last thing that stopped your breath ?

Don’t remember

Describe yourself within a sentence

I’m a passionate dreamer and researcher.

Say something that you want

In advice for the aspirants on this field, don’t give up. I know many people who quit because they don’t get the results they want quickly, so be patience, every work requires time and preparation, this is a process of learning and exploring yourself as an artist.

Enjoy the Gallery


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