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Your Guru For The World of Arts – Improve Your Drawing Skills

Art is something you find everywhere and in almost everything. It’s the expression and revelation of creativity. For some, being an artist or one who is well involved in art and drawing like having the superpower to recreate reality or design your reality.

Most people feel that for one to be truly good in art it can only be a gift inbuilt in you. Some feel otherwise. In the view of the latter, a person with very keen interest can learn and even become as though he or she was born with such a gift. Irrespective of the view that one may choose to go with, every, and anyone can participate in art and drawing. You may not be categorized as part of the best but you can certainly express your thoughts and imaginations via a piece of artwork.

You may be amazed to discover that therapists suggest things like art and drawing in their tips for one to feel better especially those who always find themselves in a sad and solitude desired state. To be an art lover, you need not be skillful in art. Many have been seen to be good at analyzing an important and beautiful piece of artwork though they cannot reproduce the same. One of the many tips for which one can know people who have learned the true value of art is by considering how much money they are willing to offer for a piece of work. Some people think a certain amount is too much for a work that another is ready to give twice the amount for. This saying is not trying to suggest that all work of art and drawing are of equal or high value – No! Nonetheless, being able to accurately value a piece of artwork is also one of the tips for which one who has learned about art can be known.

What Are the Different Types of Drawing Styles?

Just as there are different types of drawings, there are also different types of drawing styles. Some styles may not be the best for a particular type of drawing while others may be better. The methodology that one who is drawing a life portrait may apply may be different from one who is drawing a figure.

Below are some of the different types of applicable drawing styles that one can apply when engaged in art.

  • Rough sketching
  • Doodling or scribbling
  • Industrial – architectural drawing
  • Caricature
  • Manga or anime
  • Realism/Photorealistic
  • Pointillism, etc.

The most applicable at any given time is highly dependent on the kind of drawing that the drawer desires to produce. For instance, one who desires to draw faces on a sketch pad may most likely apply rough sketch or pointillism rather than architectural drawing.

How to Improve Your Drawing Skills – Tips for Beginners

There are so many useful tips for beginners to apply to up their game in art and drawing. To determine the tips for beginners that would be helpful to a newbie in art and drawing, one ought to first determine the kind of drawings he or she wants to be a part of. For a person who desires to create motion pictures and non-paper drawings, the tools that you require may be different from one who is learning to draw on a piece of paper.

In this article, you would find some general tips beginners can apply to improve in art and drawing.

  • Practice and repeat
  • Look at drawings
  • Draw from drawings
  • Draw from photographs
  • Draw from life
  • Take a class
  • Keep a sketchbook
  • Be intentional

The above tips for improvement added to a determined and consistent hand would yield a positive result in no time.

Who Is the Most Famous Artist in the World?

One of the most popular artists who is known for one of the most famous and expensive pieces of artwork (the painting of Mona Lisa) is Leonardo Da Vinci, a renaissance painter, inventor, and scientist.

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Video Games Are One of the Most Important Art Forms

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